FEVF funziona solo con il simulatore freeware OpenBve. Scaricalo da Openbvesim


    FEVF works only with the freeware train simulator  OpenBve. Download it from Openbvesim





EM A1 - Electric passenger train  

Name EM_A1_1_50.7z
Description Electric passenger train
Date 28/05/2013



  • external view of 3D cars (F2)

  • new interior (internal seats and new front panel)

  • animated doors (F5-F6)

  • pantograph animation (F-V)

  • wheels rotation

  • working gauges (speedometer, pressuremeter, ammeter, voltmeter)

  • animated  traction controller (A-Z),  brake controller (, .  -),   reverser (F-V)

  • wiper animation  with wiper lever (PagUp-PagDown)


The BVE2 original version of  Em A1 by Sergio Usai  has been modified, OpenBve adapted and animated by Roberto Benini.









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Mallet HS 6036 - Steam engine

Name HS_6036_1_00.7z
Description Steam engine with trucks
Date 8/10/2010

7,05 Mb


  • external view of 3D cars (F2)

  • wheels rotation

  • animated steam

  • working gauges (speedometer, pressuremeter, ammeter, voltmeter)

  • animated  traction controller (A-Z),  

  • brake controller (, .  -)

  • reverser (F-V)

  • manual cutoff  (PagUp-PagDown)

  • automatic cutoff (Home)









F  E V F - Route

Name FEVF_1_08.7z
Description Route Cavalese-Predazzo (14.5 km)
Date 8/10/2010
Size 20,8 Mb


Ora (Auer)-Predazzo narrow gauge line  in Fiemme Valley (Trentino Alto-Adige region of Italy) 50,5 km long, went closed during 1963. 

The stretch already available is the final one from Cavalese to Predazzo, 14,7 Km long, with Masi di Cavalese, Lago, Tesero, PanchiÓ, Ziano di Fiemme and Roda stop stations; with two iron military bridges and the tunnel Narena near by Cavalese. The used trains are the steam locomotive HS_6036 and the EM_A1 EMU.